Terms and Conditions

Price and Payment

The legal company running these business is Sweden Trading – here under named as OOOYOGAMAT.US.

These Terms & Conditions shall apply to all sales through OOOYOGAMAT.US and will exclude application of any deviating general or specific conditions or terms of buyer. No waiver or modification of these Conditions of Sale shall be binding upon OOOYOGAMAT.US, unless approved in writing by an authorized representative of OOOYOGAMAT.US.

Price and Payment

Every product is shown excluding tax. In the shopping cart you can see the total price including all fees, taxes, shipping and method of payment.

Payment Options

We use Stripe and follwoing cards are accepted:

Cards: Payment is accepted by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB and China UnionPay. Payment of your debit card takes place immediately.

More: Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Link


We accept USD as currency.


We follow US tax laws and offer the products with VAT/TAX excluded. 



Countries we deliver to

Here you will find all countries we deliver to:


If you want to shop and want deliveries to other contries please visit www.oooyogamat.com

Here you will find options for delivery to All Countries.

If your country isn´t on the list feel free to contact us on info@oooyogamat.com to find a solution to your country.

Delivery Time

Within US estimated delivery time is 1-3 working days.

In case OOOYOGAMAT.US has reason to question buyer’s solvency or ability to pay for delivered products, OOOYOGAMAT.US have no obligation to make delivery, and shall be entitled to stop products under carriage, unless buyer makes advance payment for the delivery and other claims arising from the business relation or grants security which can reasonably be accepted by OOOYOGAMAT.US.

Freight Cost

Freight Cost is 8 USD but may vary regarding to time.

Unclaimed packages

Unclaimed packages will be returned to us. For all unclaimed packages you will be debited all fees in connection with the return delivery.


Return Policy

Returning products

For any returns – please read this page: Refund & Returns



When getting your goods it’s important that you check so the goods are not damaged or incorrect. Should the product be incorrect or damaged contact us as soon as possible by e-mail to the address US Sales Support for further instructions. 


Have customer complaints, these can be done through our e-mail US Sales Support

Disputes & laws

US law shall apply to all purchases under these terms and conditions. Dispute of purchase under these terms and conditions shall be exclusively investigated by the US Court


Guarantees and Services


OOOYOGAMAT.US offers products of very high quality. For any problems with quality of our products please contact us via e-mail US Sales Support and explain the issue and also please forward pictures that show us what may be wrong with the product. We will take action to help you and make you happy again!

Service policy

Upon waiting for us to offer you service you may have to wait up til 15 working days, but we will do our best to contact you sooner.

Privacy Policy

When ordering a product you will be asked to fill in you personal information. Upon purchase you agree to this information is stored in accordance with OOOYOGAMAT.US’s privacy policy in order to fulfill our agreement to you as our customer. In accordance to the law of you have the right to know the information OOOYOGAMAT.US have registered about your person. If the information is erroneous, incomplete or irrelevant, you may ask to have your information corrected and/or removed. If this is the case please contact us by e-mail.

Please also read more under the page Privacy Policy.


Force Majeure

OOOYOGAMAT.US is not liable for any non-performance caused by circumstances beyond our control, which directly or indirectly prevents, obstructs or renders production, delivery or freight uneconomical until such obstacle has been removed (force majeure). Such circumstances shall be deemed to include difficulties to procure raw materials as well as other difficulties and disturbances, including but not limited to war, riot, labour conflicts, fire, flood, storm, accident, fuel or power shortages, transportation shortages, obstacles or interruptions regarding transportation at sea and breakdowns or interruptions of any kind as regards to our equipment or facilities, which are deemed necessary for the performance of our agreements’ obligations.

Also read at EU’s website for Online Dispute Resolution https://ec.europa.eu/odr.


Need help?

Contact us at US Sales Support for questions related to refunds and returns.