Who we are

Founded in 2018

OOO is the child of OurYogaShop.

Our own brand.

OurYogaShop since 2009 has been working with yoga wholesales and all big famous brands on the yoga market. 2018 we found the perfect yoga mat. After a “flashing night” with inspiration from dreams – the OOO brand, design and company strategi was created within 4 hours in the morningtime the day after.

The message

“Keep Your Circles Positive”

In your life you move through many circles.

We believe in karma and wish everyone to do their best in all situations in life to treat themselves and those around them nicely and with respect.

Family Company

We are from Sweden.

A small Family Company.
Fredrik, Ulrica and our son Emric.
Now for the US-market, Fredriks super wonderful sister Elisabeth will take care of you!

So we are just like you!
Feel free to connect and be a part of OOO.

More to come...

Just let us know if you wondering about something specific – and we will answer you!

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Elisabeth Salevik

Sales and Director US

Fredrik Salevik

Founder and International Sales

Ulrica Salevik

Inspiration and Love


We produce and deliver high quality yoga mats for yoga professionals.

“Keep Your Circles Positive” is the message from us to all yogis and refers to doing your nicest in all situations in life to create positive waves for everyone.

For us yoga is the way. We live for yoga and the most important person for us is you!


As Close As Possible

This is how we think.

We would like to produce everything as close as possible.
Some things is better produced where the raw material is. So then we produce it there.

Best Quality Only

Quality Comes First

For us quality is number 1, 2, and 3.
We only produce things that we are proud of ourselves.

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Weŕe looking for you!

Our dream is to have one Ambassador i every area. An Ambassador is a yogic person who take care of yogis i their area and serve them with yoga products from OOO.

An Ambassador is a part of us and our family – kind of!


If you just want to cooperate.

We love to help others.

So if you would like to do something with our brand or products – just let us know and we will find a way to do it!

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Where do you find us?

New Areas

Do you want to take care of a bigger area and promote OOO?

Just let us know and we will see what we can do!

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When do you find us?

Best way to communicate are through mail.

Common Questions: info@oooyogamat.com

Sales Questions:

US – elisabeth@oooyogamat.us
International – info@oooyogamat.com
Sweden – info@oooyogamatta.se

When do we answer?

Short answer – as soon as we can.

We are a small family company and we just do things the yogic way.
So please don´t think we forgot about you – we just doing our best!
If it is urgent or you want faster answers – feel free do send more e-mails!

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