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17 March – 1 O´clock
6884 Embarcadero LN. Carlsbad
San Diego

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You'd be amazed at how good this yoga mat is. Non-slippery with heavenly cushioning. Treat yourself and yoga as a part of life.


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A powerful blend of OOO Yoga Mats. Pure and organic natural rubber material.
Design created with laser. Colors out of natural materials. Cushioning from heaven.
Highest quality yoga mat for yoga professionals and yogis who prefer the best yoga mat.

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A few things in my life are constant: exploration, wilderness and a daily yoga practice.

That's why I'm so grateful to discover the best yoga mat I've ever had. The OOO is the only mat I have with me, and I take it everywhere. Whether I'm in the jungle, savannah, desert, woodland swamp, or even in the city, I know that I'm on 100% natural and biodegradable material. But unlike other natural mats, OOO is tough - -I mean really tough. I literally roll out my mat in dry riverbeds, desert sands and tall scratchy grasslands. I've taken this very mat with me for extended residences in the Amazon jungle, Egyptian desert, Ethiopian highlands, the Black Swamp and the Kruger Park of South Africa. Plus dozens of different cities where I teach worldwide – Istanbul, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Vegas, New Orleans. Even after years of heavy use, the OOO is in tip top shape. Other natural mats fall apart easily.. .and the plastic mats degrade and spill microfibers wherever they roam. Isn't the wellbeing of the Earth a big part of your practice? For me, interconnection is everything – and everywhere. So having a high-performance mat that will last for years and years, and knowing that it eventually goes right back to the Earth, is a treasure beyond compare. It's by far the best mat I've ever owned. My OOO mat has touched the Earth on five continents – without degrading the mat – or the Earth. To me, that's priceless.

Dylan Bernstein

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